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The Best Children’s Party Games from Around the World: The Oven’s Mouth (Boca-de-Forno)

We’ve explored the globe to find the world’s best children’s party games because we know how important parties are to our little ones. Some of these games might be a bit messy, but we can be sure that these party games for children will provide plenty of fun and learning along the way. Waking up on your birthday is so exciting when you’re a kid!

Waking up to gifts, helping mum decorate the house, putting on your party clothes, and then waiting as patiently as possible for that knock on the door from your best friends – just for one day, it feels like you’re the most important person in the world! And nothing makes you feel as great as playing these funny games for kids with your friends.

Party Games for Children: The Oven’s Mouth (Boca-de-Forno)

Playing party games for children can make your little one’s special day even more memorable. The Oven’s Mouth, or Boca-de-Forno, is a Brazilian game for kids. It’s played in many cultures under different names and is based on a traditional treasure hunt – but this game is much more fun!

You will need:

  • Plenty of treasure for the kids to search for! Flowers, feathers, or sweets are great treasures for this game.
  • At least three children

How to play:

  • Hide the sweets, flowers, or feathers around the house.
  • Choose a child as the master.
  • Make sure the children know that the master is in charge in this game for kids, and that he or she will be sending them off on a mission.
  • As soon as the master shouts ‘Boca-de-forno’ (the oven’s mouth), everyone must be ready to reply ‘Forno’ (oven). The master then shouts: ‘O Senhor Rei mandou dizer que…’ or ‘The King orders…’ followed by whatever it is the children need to find.
  • The winner of this game for kids is the person who presents the master with the most treasure.

Children’s Party Games as a Confidence Boost

In Brazil, parents use this game for kids to teach children about confidence and determination. Picking someone who’s timid or shy as the master is a great idea because this game will really help this child speak up and be the centre of attention. The winner is not necessarily the child who returns to the master the fastest, but the one who knows what he or she is looking for and uses initiative and determination to find the treasure. Party games for children are even better when they teach your child such valuable skills, aren’t they?

Tip from the Stain Gang:

If your little ones are looking for flowers that you’ve hidden around the house in this game for kids, don’t worry too much about any pollen stains on their clothes. A normal wash should usually remove these; otherwise, rub the marks with methylated spirit (do not use this on acetate or triacetate fabrics), and then sponge with lukewarm water and wash as normal with your favourite Surf Excel detergent.

Which party games for children are your kids going to play at their next birthday party? Share your tips for funny games for kids with us in the comments!