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Fun Party Games from Around the World: The Flour-Cake Game

From Thailand and Brazil to Turkey and the UK, if there’s one thing all children love it’s playing fun party games on their special day. That’s why we’ve scoured the globe to find the world’s best ideas for party games. We can’t guarantee they’ll be mess-free, but you’ll definitely have a lot of fun playing them – and the children will learn something, too! One of the best parts of a birthday is the cake. Think about your little ones helping you to mix all the ingredients together in a big bowl and then peering through the oven door while you patiently wait for it to bake. Or, perhaps your little one carefully chooses a favourite cake from all the colourful creations in the shops. Fun party games and birthday cakes are two things that make birthdays so magical.

Party Games Ideas: The Flour-Cake Game

Why not get everyone involved in this fun party game about cake-making? The flour cake game is played the world over using different treats. It’s a really simple game that teaches patience and co-ordination.

Ingredients :

  • a large bowl, pudding basin, or other containr
  • a large flat plate
  • a tray or baking sheet
  • flour
  • a tempting sweet  (either wrapped or unwrapped)
  • a knife (one that’s safe for kids to use) or a fork.

How to play:

  • Place the sweet at the bottom of the bowl or container.
  • Ask the birthday boy or girl to be the baker. Tell them to fill up the bowl with flour, making sure it’s packed in tight all the way to the brim.
  • Carefully turn the ‘flour cake’ out on to the plate or tray.
  • Tell the players of this kids’ party game to line up. Each one takes it in turns to come forward and carefully make a cut in the cake with the knife or fork – trying not to have the treat fall!
  • Now for the messy part! The player who cuts a slice that makes the sweet fall has to fish it out of the flour using only their teeth – no hands, fork, or spoon!

Fun Party Games: A Fun Way to learn Patience and Perseverance

This fun party game is great to teach children the importance of patience and perseverance as they will have to wait for their turn to cut the cake, supporting their teammates to make sure the cake doesn’t crumble. A really steady hand is important too, once it’s their turn, they will need to carefully cut the cake away without it tumbling down! Tip from the Stain Gang: even though this can turn into a messy game, the flour doesn’t stain clothes. It brushes off afterwards, so you can wash later on with your usual Surf Excel detergent. Do you have more fun party games ideas? Please let us know, and don't forget to check our other party games, like Fishhh!