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Family Holiday Destinations: Let’s Go Back in Time to the Golconda Fort!

It’s vacation time! You’re surely looking forward to a lot of summer activities with your kids. How about going on a family holiday? You and your kids are totally up for the plan, but now there’s one big question on everyone’s lips – what are the best holiday destinations in India? The answer is any historical destination – like the Golconda Fort!


The Importance of Educational Family Holidays

Summer vacations and family holidays are the best times for your child to learn something new and have fun at the same time. Kids sometimes find it boring to read about history because they might not be able to relate to all that happened. But at the same time, they love it when it is explained like a story, with interactive elements and pictures. Fortunately, history lessons are not only found in school textbooks – they can be turned into great summer activities for kids! The best way to help them learn about their country is by taking them to a historical holiday destination in India, bringingkey historical events back to life in a unique context. It’s like understanding science – we only understand certain scientific concepts after we do some experiments. Trips to historic places help them make observations, gather facts, synthesize information, and analyse the situations of the past.


Historic Holiday Destinations: Golconda Fort

One of such wonderful holiday destinations which can bring back historical events is the Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. This complex was founded 800 years ago by the Kakatiya kings; however, the fort was renovated and expanded by the Qutub Shahi dynasty in the 16th century. In 1687, the fort was conquered and destroyed by Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor – so this fort is now a silent witness to centuries of history! Golconda is one of the oldest forts in Hyderabad, and is now a very well preserved and beautiful ruin.


Kids Summer Activities at Golconda Fort

One of the main attractions of this fort – one which your kids will simply love – is the sound and light show that happens in the evenings. This show narrates the history of the fort, and  brings the history of the glorious era to life in a dramatic and colorful way. You can sit back and witness a recreation of the historic events and festivals. Your kids will love seeing history come back to life! This show is available in English, Hindi, and Telugu. With so many interesting summer activities for kids available here, you and your child will really love this place. Planning to take your kid to other historic holiday destinations in India? Share your ideas with us below!