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Communication Skills Activities for Kids: LITTLE STORY TELLERS

Learning and communication development are integral parts of a child’s life. Right from the time that they are taught alphabets, to the time they learn the nursery rhymes. From the time they first learn to read, to the time when they learn to write with equal ease. However, the component of education that needs more focus and attention is writing. One thing that all parents would agree to will be the fact that all children love to talk! Always!

Children have tiny bubbles of curiosity and a never ending trail of thoughts to be catered to. How do little children convey their imaginations while their vocabulary is just building? Read on for great communication activities for kids!

Communication Development Is A Must

While a child spends most of his/her time at school, it is the parents who lay the foundation for strong communication skills in children. It is also a critical means to inculcate values and advocate the importance of education. It not only boosts their interactions with the surroundings but also makes them self-confident and independent.

Reading will eventually lead to writing. A child has so much going on in his/her tiny little head, so many experiences that could be turned into short stories of learning and improving communication skills.

Turning Small Stories For Children Into Communication Skills Activities

Apart from the Panchatantra series that have been translated into Telugu stories for children, there are other beautiful small stories like ‘Kuragayalavyapari’ (the vegetable merchant) too. Kids’ exposure to stories begins at bed-time with ‘Pariyonkikahaaniyaan’, which, every night, drives parents to use their imaginations to create a new twist in order to keep their little ones engaged. Reading small stories or even comics for that matter are good communication skills activities and can be more enlightening than rote learning a textbook.

Each of them is short enough to keep up with the attention span of any child, and besides, they have a moral as well. It’s the child's prerogative, whether they prefer the mysteries of Nancy Drew or the playfulness of 'Chota Bheem' Kids love stories and we adults often mis-interpret them to be spinning yarns.

If only, they had a platform to verbalize and give life to their thoughts... Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Thus, we present to you the ‘The Little Story Tellers’: The story-telling competition for kids. If you think that your child has a story to tell, this is your platform to explore opportunities. Share with us these stories, and the most imaginative one will win an Educational Tablet.

There are many other exciting prizes to be won too. Any original story written by the kids (yes, with a little help if need be) can be entered in the competition. Remember, it is the child's imaginary world we are exploring and encouraging, so there is no right or wrong, good or bad. We'd love to see their creative minds at work. Communication need not necessarily be in words.

Children in this age group are often receptive to exploration via art. They sometimes feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts in pictures too. And since a picture speaks a thousand words, bring it on! Fetch all your colours and get drawing along with your little angel. Drawing is great for communication development! Click here to see the winning entries for our Surf excel- 'Little Story Tellers' contest!