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World Earth Day Contest 2013:

Recycle your Surf excel Matic Box

April 22 marks Earth Day, an international event that aims to draw attention to the environmental concerns faced across the world. It’s a great time to find out how you and your kids can help make the world a better, safer place – not only for today, but for future generations as well!

To help demonstrate how you can make a difference, Surf excel launched a fun competition in 2013, where kids could create a work of art by recycling a Surf excel Matic box.

The lucky entrant who sent in the most creative, informative, and interesting image of the art that he or she has created from a Surf excel Matic box received a special prize of a hamper of Surf excel goodies!

Keeping with the theme of Earth Day, all art had to be created from recycled Surf excel Matic boxes, but when it comes to design, the only limit was imagination – your kids could create anything they want, like an Earth Day poster, a piggy bank, or even a treasure chest!

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Creating Earth Day Art

Once you’ve taken out the powder from the plastic refill of your cardboard Surf excel Matic box, it’s time for the kids to take over.  In honour of International Earth Day, encourage your children to use natural elements like dried flowers, leaves, or pebbles.

Using crayons, pens, paints, glitter, or natural materials like pieces of wood, fallen leaves, and feathers, your kids will love creating their own educational work of art. Your kids will love getting messy when they’re working, so you should make sure you have a spare box of detergent at the ready, too! To have a chance of winning, creativity is key.

So, why not encourage your kids to recycle other items in the home, such as old cardboard tubes and plastic bottles, in order to make a 3D display that really stands out? Don’t forget to include drawings and pictures, or some inspirational Earth Day slogans like ‘Don’t be mean – go green!’, ‘Keep the earth clean and green’, ‘Be kind to the earth’, or ‘Reduce, reuse, and recycle’.

The Importance of Earth Day for Kids and Families

India has seen a great environmental change in recent years, in part due to parents just like you getting involved and encouraging better habits in the home – habits like recycling rubbish and turning the water taps off when they’re not being used.

While most children today learn about the importance of being environmentally friendly at school, it’s still important that this message is reinforced at home, with us as parents setting a good example.

This year, it’s still very important to get into the Earth Day spirit. Producing these arts and crafts gives you the opportunity to explain to your kids the problems faced not only in India, but throughout the world as well.

It’s a chance to show them that it’s not all down to governments and large corporations – change can only happen if everyone gets involved.

Give your children information on Earth Day, talk about these issues, and ask them how they think kids can help change the world.