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World Earth Day Activities for Kids

World Earth Day is observed on the 22nd of April, and this year’s theme is ‘Green Cities’. India has some of the most crowded cities in the world, so we’re aware of the importance to keep cities green and safe for our kids. Make your neighbourhood a bit greener today with the help of your children and these six ideas for Earth Day activities!

Earth Day Ideas for Kids

  1. Clean Up Your Local Park or Beach:

    Make it a project for you and your children to spend a few hours in your local park, cleaning up any rubbish lying on the ground. There are so many green places of beauty in India that can get cluttered with rubbish – but your children can make a difference! For inspiration, check out how students have cleaned up city beaches in Mumbai and Vashi.

    Armed with a few garbage bags and gloves, your family can transform even one small corner of the park or beach. It’s something to be proud of ­– you could take before and after photos. To make it more fun, your kids can bring their friends or invite the extended family. And after you’ve cleaned up and washed your hands, have a rewarding picnic for a truly memorable Earth Day for kids.

  2. Gardening:

    Plants are a vital part of our environment, providing us with oxygen to breathe and keeping air and water pollution in check. Even planting one plant and tending to it can make a small difference. If you have a yard or garden, your children can plant a small tree or plant to commemorate this year’s Earth Day. Encourage them to tend to it regularly and guess how big it will grow by next year’s Earth Day.

    If you live in an apartment, you can buy houseplants or set out planters on a balcony. Having plants in the house can bring calm and relaxation, while also providing a sense of responsibility for your children and a year-round reminder of the importance of World Earth Day. And trust Surf excel to wash out any grass and dirt stains that come from gardening! If you’re interested in finding out more, check out our articles about mini garden ideas and gardening for kids!

  3. Recycling:

    Does your town have a local recycling facility or anyone who collects recyclable materials? This World Earth Day, your children can make sure to gather together newspapers, tin cans, glass, and plastic and make them ready for collection. You can even make this a weekly habit, and teach your kids about the role that they and others can play in cleaning and sustaining our environment.

  4. A Safari in Your Own Town:

    Whether you live in a city or the countryside, India is full of animals, insects, and birds. These all form a vital part of the ecosystem in your town. Go on a walking ‘safari’ with your children – even if it’s just in your local park – and have them take note of all the living creatures they see. Afterwards, they can draw pictures of the animals they’ve seen and write a story about how these critters are all interconnected. They’ll learn to appreciate the vast network of creatures that live in our cities and share our living space. If you’re interested in going on an animal safari, check out our article about visiting the Gir Forest.

  5. Campaign to Protect the Asian Elephant:

    The Indian government has listed the Asian Elephant as an endangered species, threatened by habitat destruction, overcrowding, and even the building of railways. Your children should be proud of India’s unique home to this magnificent creature. Is there an elephant nearby that they can visit? Perhaps they can draw a picture of it, write a story about it, and learn more about the dangers threatening the elephant in India. They can even present this to their class, and in that way, be part of the Earth Day Network’s international campaign for the Asian Elephant.

    What other Earth Day ideas can you and your children think of? Tell us about what you and your children did to celebrate World Earth Day — and what they enjoyed the most!