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Pohela Baishakh Activities for Kids

Pohela Baishakh Activities For Kids

Pohela Baishakh celebrates Bangla New Year in Bangladesh. It's colorful, it's bright and it’s the day for cultural festivity. It is a day that marks the cultural unity of our people. This festival of colors is surely incomplete without decorations.

Here are some Boishakh crafts for kids you can decorate your home with:

  • Face/Hand Paintings:  Kids can paint different mud vessels for Boishakh. They can also make tattoos on everyone’s hand or cheeks using different colors on this festive event!
  • Decorate the house with flowers: Place fresh flowers in vases. Choose wide mouth, flat base vessels either made of glass or mud. Fill with water. Place flower petals with some floating candles in them in the evenings. (Always supervise children around open flames.)
  • Lanterns: Buy a few packets of colored craft paper. Half fold each sheet. Now give each sheet a series of cuts approximately ½ an inch apart, ensure that you stop at 1 inch from the edge. Next unfold the sheet and stick strips of paper on one side (either top or bottom end). Stick together the open ends of the paper. Colorful lanterns are ready for hanging all around your house.
  • Alpona: Little children can try their hands at making Alpona with paint and brush. Allow them to create their own design either in white-red or any other color combination.

Perform playful activities with your kids that are related to Boishakh

Examples of activities we can perform together are playing flute, making colorful toys, recognizing batasha, traditional pitha, etc.

Cook Boishakhi dishes along with your kids:

While making Traditional Boishakhi food, let your kids help you. You can ask them to help make Panta or simple Aloo Vorta Kids can also help to serve or decorate your food. You can either prepare typical Panta Bhat with Hilsha fry, or make some bhorta dishes. It will be a proud moment for you to see your kids show off their Pohela Boishakh decorations, so don’t let any mess they’ve created in the process lower your spirits.

As long as you have Surf excel in the house, there is nothing to worry about. Kids learn the messy way; don’t stop them having fun because of any previous laundry nightmares!