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Our Father’s Day Message: Puddles Are Fun, Daddy!

What makes the third Sunday of June every year a special day? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? It is Father’s Day! It is the day when we celebrate fatherhood with Father’s Day messages,and kids make the effort to make it special for their dads. If you are a father, you might end up feeling you want to do something in return for your kids. And, moms – your kids might want your help to make this a special day for dad! Here are some Father’s Day ideas for some great family activities.

Father’s Day Wishes: Spend More Time Together!

Introduce them to nature:

Spending more time together is likely to be one of dad’s wishes for Father’s Day. These outdoor Father’s Day ideas are great ways to spend the whole day together as a family. Play with your kids in your neighbouring playground or build a compound. Let them have fun, and let them get dirty. Throw a ball together, and just spend time outdoors all together. Let them enjoy dad’s company.

The month of June also marks the beginning of the monsoons and the grounds will naturally be muddy –do not let that stop you from celebrating Father’s Day outdoors. Children love jumping and playing in these puddles – so let them be themselves. Puddles are lots of fun, and you can find tips on mud stain removal here!

Spending time with nature also helps kids deal with symptoms of attention deficit disorders, enhances their thinking, and helps them cultivate fine motor skills. Try a small trek or a nature trail if you can.

Quest for treasure:

Kids love to crawl around – it gets their creative juices flowing! So, how about a family treasure hunt? Create a series of clues and hide them all around the house and in the garden, too. Let them search for clues, and let them get messy. Who cares? It is all about having fun and seeing the glee on your child’s face when they uncover a treasure. Another way to make feel dad special is by having your kids hide Father’s Day Messages around the house or the garden – let dad be the treasure hunter!

Making Father’s Day Cards

How about some crafty Father’s Day ideas?:

Are your children keen to surprise dad with a gift? Why not create a Father’s Day card together? Let him or her do it! Try this –take some bowls and fill them with cornstarch. Now add a little water and then add different colours to different bowls. The fun part here is that if you leave the mixture aside for even a few seconds, it starts to harden – and, as soon as it is touched, it liquefies again. Children enjoy this! So help your little ones with a few bowls of colour and paper and then simply watch them paint a special Father’s Day card(though some of the colours may get on their clothes, too!).

Fun with colours for Father’s Day cards:

Children love to explore new colours and textures. Toddlers, in particular, love to touch and feel things as their senses start to develop. Try finger painting with your little darling to make Father’s Day cards. Here’s what you can do – combine flour and salt with cold water and place it over a low heat. Keep whisking while adding hot water simultaneously. You know it is done when the mixture becomes thick. Take it off the heat, add edible colour, beat until smooth, and then let it cool.

Once cold, pass it onto your little ones and help them with a big sheet of paper. All you need to do now is just watch them play with the colour, creating designs and simply painting away to their heart’s content to create special Father’s Day Cards for you! For older kids, give them some paint so they can write down their Father’s Day wishes. Also, be prepared to give them a bath and scrub off the stains from their clothes later on. They will certainly get messy!

Father’s Day Ideas for the Kitchen

Cook it up on Father’s Day:

If dad is one of those who love to cook meals for the family when they have time, ask them to do it and the kids to accompany them. Alternatively, you can bake a cake for them on this special day and can certainly do with some help from your little darling. Ask them to whisk up the eggs gently or add the ingredients slowly to the mixing bowl. They can even use icing to write their Father’s Day messages on top of the cake!

Don’t worry too much about them getting messy – that’s part of the fun! Doing all these fun crafts and activities can be messy – but don’t worry about the dirty clothes! It is not as difficult as it looks. For syrup stains, use a sponge to soak it up and wash the item with a liquid detergent in warm water right away. Rigid stains – such as those from oil – are a little more difficult to tackle. Here is a tip – rub the stain with talc, leave it for 30 minutes, and then brush it off.

You can always find more stain removal tips from the Stain Gang. And remember – if stains lead to happiness, they are good, right? That’s why we think that Dirt is Good – Daag Acche Hain!

Do you have more tips for Father’s Day cards, activities, or Father’s Day messages that you want to share?