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Mother’s Day Ideas for Kids All Year Round!

Waking you up for school, packing your lunch, helping you with homework, working with you on your projects, always asking what you would like for lunch and dinner, giving you all the support you need when you are feeling low, sharing all your happy and sad moments with you  – that is what mothers are about.

They take care of every small little thing you need and never ask for anything in return. Whether you’re looking for something for your own mother, or something to help your kids cherish your partner, these great Mother’s Day ideas for kids and adults are a wonderful way to make her day special. But why stop at just a special Mother’s Day? Moms deserve to feel appreciated all year round, so use the usual Mother’s Day gestures to show the mom in your life how much she’s loved any time!  

3 Ideas for Mother’s Day – and Every Other Day of the Year!

  1. Make A Painting

    Mothers always appreciate the creativity of their children. A painting can be a thoughtful way to demonstrate to mothers how much they are loved and appreciated. You do not have to be Picasso or Van Gogh to impress your mom! Kids can draw whatever they like, and however they can. Great Mother’s Day ideas that work every day of the year include a portrait, a family scene, or a drawing of one of her favourite pets or flowers.

    You do not have to buy an expensive canvas or work with complicated painting tools to make something special; kids can simply use their favourite crayons and draw. They could also just smear their hands, or some vegetables, or a piece of cotton with various colours, and dab it onto chart paper to make something innovative.

    Take inspiration from the painting and drawing ideas here.

    No matter how old her kids are, a mother will cherish whatever they make for her with love and care. Don’t worry about the cleaning, as Surf excel is there to fall back on! 

  2. Make Her A Card

    Cards are perfect for all occasions – not just as Mother’s Day gestures. So kids can easily find an opportunity to give Mom a beautiful card to say thank you. There are many stores and websites that offer cards for all kinds of occasion.

    Better still, make cards at home! Visit any stationery shop, get a blank card, and pick up some decorative things like colours, ribbons, glitter; anything. Kids and adults alike will enjoy drawing something on the card and writing a personalised message inside.

    Here is an interesting card making idea to try: it’s sure to make your mother very happy. 

  3. Bake A Cake

    Few Mother’s Day ideas are better than a cake – and why not. It’s even better if you bake the cake at home. Baking a cake can be fun, and sharing it with your mother is sure to make the experience a cherished one.

    You can do a lot when it comes to baking a cake. You can make a simple chocolate cake using off-the-shelf cake mixes, or you can bake a cake from scratch. Recipes are easily available online. You can dress it up with different kinds of icing, or flavour the cake to suit her.

Don’t worry about the mess or if the cake isn’t perfect. It is the thought and the effort that matters more. Mother’s Day isn’t the only time we should show moms how much we appreciate all that they do for us. Aside from homemade gifts, you can make even an ordinary day special by planning activities as well.

For example, the rest of the family can do all the chores she does for a day. You could even go out to spend some quality time together.

Go ahead! Surprise her today with these great Mother’s Day ideas!