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Make Friendship Gifts for World Friendship Day

Some of the best memories we have of our childhood years are of time spent in the company of friends – playing, being creative, and sharing secrets and dreams. Some of our worst memories are of schoolyard politics and falling out with others. But learning to make friends and negotiating the complex world of relationships is a necessary – if at times, tough – part of growing up. Here in India, we celebrate Friendship Day on 3rd  August – and on 30th  July, it’s World Friendship Day, an International Day of Friendship organized by the United Nations annually since 2011.

Both these holidays are excellent opportunities to spend time with your children discussing what it means to be a good friend, and how to appreciate the friends that we have. World Friendship Day also promotes understanding and tolerance of differences, making it a good time for your child to try to resolve any outstanding conflicts. Friendship between two people is about balance: Giving as much support and love as you receive.

As our “Yaaron Ka Yaar” video shows, friendship is often about protecting each other and having fun. Sometimes, the reason children fall out is down to the balance in a relationship being lost. But what better way to restore that balance than organizing a World Friendship Day celebration, and taking part in an exchange of friendship gifts?

Many communities get together on International Friendship Day and do just this. Even if your resources or budget don’t allow you and your children to make a big splurge, why not invite some friends to contribute to a celebratory meal, and make homemade gifts for each other? On World Friendship Day, it’s really the thought that counts!

Friendship gift ideas

Friendship gifts don’t need to be big and flashy to make someone feel good. Here are some suggestions that are bound to win smiles:

Exchanging friendship bracelets

Bracelets and rings are some of the most popular ways for people to publically signify a close friendship. Making traditional friendship bracelets can be an excellent activity for older children – check out our tutorial about how to make friendship bracelets for more ideas for activities to do for Friendship Day!

What do you plan to do on World Friendship Day? Share your ideas with other parents below!