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International Family Day: A Day for Family Games & Activities

International Family Day reminds us of this true saying: “Friends may come and go, but a family lasts forever.” It’s important to cherish these relationships with family games and activities – and our lives are so busy nowadays, that parents sometimes find it difficult to really spend quality time with their children. We overlook the little things, forgetting they are really “big things” for the child. Just mom being there for the school play or dad giving “catch practice” to the kids on a Sunday evening may seem trivial, but it could be really important to your child.

Parents finding the time to just talk with their kids or spending an evening doing nothing but playing Monopoly can be very important for a child’s social and emotional development. These small things can form the memories that define how your kids will behave with their own families when they grow up! Thus, to remind us of the importance of families, the United Nations chose 15 May as the International Family Day. The day was first celebrated in 1993.

What can families do on this day? Here are some fun Family Day activities that can help you have a good time together and strengthen important bonds, too!

Family Day Activities: Reading and Writing

Pen down your feelings:

First, explain the significance of International Family Day to your kids. Then, each and every member should sit together and write a letter to every other member in the family. Tell everyone how important they are to you. Penning down your thoughts for all the family members is a way of showing what you feel – something we rarely have the time for any more – and the letters may become something that you will treasure in years to come.

Let’s read together:

Reading a story out loud is a great way to keep the whole family entertained! You can use funny voices and sound effects to really make the story come to life. Your child is sure to have fun listening to a story, even if he or she can already read. And, if your child can read, why not have him or her help you read aloud? Choose a book where you can each read a page or chapter to each other. This is a great way for your kids to learn while having fun at the same time!

Outdoor Family Day Activities

Picnic time:

Picnics are great family day activities! Set out on an adventure or a pleasure trip to the nearby beach or park with your family. Don’t forget to pack a healthy lunch for you and your family. A picnic is a great opportunity to leave all your everyday tension and stress aside – it will be refreshing for you and for your family.

Let’s put up a small garden:

One of the best tasks that families can do together is gardening. Choose plants that look attractive – like cherry tomatoes or bougainvillea – and that are easy to maintain. Your children will learn the importance of keeping the environment green – and nurturing and taking care of plants will teach them responsibility, too! Mud stains will surely follow, but don't worry – just soak the clothes with a little Surf Excel and continue the normal wash cycle.

Fun Family Activities for the Whole Year!

Family games and get-togethers can happen all year round – not just on International Family Day! Every little bit makes the bonds strong enough to last a lifetime. Here are two everyday activities you can do as a family:

Dinner time:

Families that eat together, stay together. Avoid distractions like television or the phone at dinner time – this way, everyone will be able to stay in touch with each other’s lives. With these simple cooking games, family fun starts in the kitchen already!

Homework fun:

You can help your children with their homework, but you can also teach them more things about history, science, and the world! Take time to explain topics in depth. Show them the stars and explain some of the different constellations, use a live telecast to explain the concept of Greenwich Mean Time, or take out those old comics to explain mythology and history.

You will be amazed at how much you know and remember, too! Enjoy the time with your kids while they are still with you – it helps you stay young, too. Are there any ideas you have to celebrate this occasion? Share your favourite International Family Day activities with us in the comments!