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Costumes for Kids: Homemade Fancy Dress Ideas for Halloween

Kids love to dress up in costumes all year round, but especially on Halloween! This special holiday is just around the corner on 31 October – are you ready? Halloween is a great time of year – and it’s an especially exciting time for kids, who don’t just want sweets – they want the perfect costume, too! So why not make your own? It’s actually very easy to make some stunning kids’ costumes at home using simple materials, and your kids will love helping out and personalising their own costumes just how they want.

Here are some simple fancy dress ideas to get you started, but the only limit is your imagination!

Fancy Dress Ideas: Princess

Is there any little girl out there who doesn’t want to be a fancy dress princess? Not likely! A princess costume can be easy to make. First, you need a pretty dress! Then, it’s so simple to make some princess accessories at home.

All you need is some kitchen foil, a stick, paper, some glue, and some glitter! You can make a simple wand out of the stick, using the foil to decorate it and make a star at the end of it. You can use paper or foil to make a simple tiara or crown ––– or you could also use a hairband as a base for a tiara.

Then, you can hand the wand and tiara over to your little one to decorate – with glue, glitter, or anything else! These additions will really make your little princess sparkle! Don’t worry about glue stains or any other stains, because Surf excel is here to help. Put all these things together, and you have an instant princess!

Kids’ Costumes: Pirate

Lots of little boys – and girls! – love pirates, and they would be so excited to have a pirate costume to wear for Halloween. The base of the costume is easy – all you need is some thick tights or leggings, a white shirt, and a waistcoat. But, all pirates also need a hat! It’s so easy to make both of these from some thick paper or card – here are some instructions for making a hat out of cardboard, but you can also make a simple hat from newspaper. Your kids can help make their own hats, or you could create them and then let them decorate them!

Fancy Dress for Kids: Cat

What could be spookier than a black cat at this time of year? Cat costumes are one of the easiest and most impressive types of fancy dress for kids, and they’re so fun to make. All you need is some black clothing (either a dress with tights or a top and trousers) and black shoes, and some pieces of material to make ears and a tail.

The ears are the really simple part. Draw a pair of ears onto some black fabric, cut them out, then glue them onto an old hair band. For the tail, an old black scarf is ideal – just cut it to size and sew it or pin it just below the waist. You can also paint your child’s face to look more like a cat, with whiskers and a little pink nose.

Other Fancy Dress Ideas: Accessories

If you don’t want to make a whole costume, masks and face paint are great ways to help your little ones dress up! And, if you already have a costume planned, a mask or face paint can be a great addition to it. You can read our guide to paper mask making for kids, and learn some simple face painting techniques for kids, too. Kids love being able to be creative and messy, so why not try one of these activities with your little one? So get started! Ask your kids what they’d like to be for Halloween this year and start working on a homemade costume together.

Don’t feel like you’re limited to the suggestions above – you can make anything you set your mind to! Moms, what costumes do your little ones like? Share your favourite fancy dress ideas with everyone below!