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Happy Parents’ Day! Gifts & Ideas for Kids to Make

Parents are the people who love us the most, always help and support us, and teach us a lot of useful and wonderful things. Parents’ Day in India is on the 27th July, so why not take the opportunity to do something special for your mom and dad, and help your little one make fun Parents’ Day gifts to celebrate the holiday with you. Here are a few ideas for gifts for Parents’ Day to help you out.

Happy Parents’ Day Gifts & Ideas for Kids

Give the whole family a happy Parents’ Day with these fun ideas for gifts and activities – help your kids make these for your partner or another family member, or cast a blind eye as they try these so that you can be surprised on the day!

Make a Greeting Card to say Happy Parents’ Day!

Making cards is among the most simple and easy of Parents’ Day ideas, but is still an effective way to make parents happy. As you make your own card for your parents, you can teach your child various card making methods, like creating art using dried flowers and leaves, pencil shavings, etc. Finally, be sure to remind them to write their messages on the card.

Painting a Picture as a Parents’ Day Gift

Allow your kids to use all kinds of colours and a variety of techniques to create pictures as gifts for Parents’ Day. This could be a picture of your family, a scene from a nice vacation you took with them, or anything else. Let them be creative when they paint and let their imagination run loose. Some techniques they can use are finger-painting or spray painting (flicking the paint with a toothbrush). You can even help your kiddos frame the picture or portrait if they wish to do so. If their clothes get messy while painting, they can always be cleaned perfectly with Surf excel.

Say Happy Parents’ Day with Flowers

An easy-to-make Parents’ Day gift is making flowers out of paper. You can use a number of methods to make flowers, like origami flowers, flowers made out of tissue paper, quilled flowers etc. Help your kids make plenty of colourful flowers. There are many easy flower-making tutorials available online that can help you teach your children. Instruct them to tie the flowers together, & add a nice note before presenting them as gifts for Parents’ Day.

Cooking up a Storm to Make Gifts for Parents

If you have started teaching your kids a few things about cooking, help them prepare something for you and your parents. Help them prepare desserts from ready-to-cook mixes that are available in the market or encourage them to make something simple by searching for easy recipes for kids on the internet.

Helping with Household Chores on Parents’ Day

Every day, parents work hard to keep everything at home going smoothly, so they deserve a holiday once in a while. Dusting and cleaning are easy jobs, and so are tasks like watering plants, folding laundry, setting the table for meals etc. You can urge your kids to do the smaller household chores for the day. Won’t you be thrilled to see your kids take on some responsibility?

Do you have memories of making your parents feel special? Did you have a very happy Parents’ Day last year? Share your experiences with us in the COMMENT box below.