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Happy Children’s Day!

Rahul was running around the house as his mother kept chasing him with a bowl of cereal, trying to get him to finish his breakfast! “Rahul, come here right now!”, she yelled, and while in motion Rahul replied, “Maa, you cannot scold me today!” Angry and shocked, she shouted, “What?”. Rahul said, “It is Children’s Day.” She paused for a second and then burst out laughing! However much kids forget to do their homework or what they learnt the day before, they will not forget this day – 14 November. Well, it is their day after all.

This is that special day when they actually behave wholeheartedly like the little innocents they actually are! It is the day when parents, teachers, and all other significant adults willingly go out of their way to make it special for them. 

The History of Children’s Day

Internationally, 20 November is celebrated as Children’s Day. We in India chose to celebrate the day on the birthday of the man who loved children very much. He may have been free India’s first Prime Minister, but to the children he was known as Chacha Nehru.

Chacha Nehru emphasised the need to give children love and affection, championed the cause of child education, and considered them to be the bright future of India. The history of Children’s Day reminds us that childhood is precious – and despite all the new influences in a child’s life, their first innocent years are our gift to them as we protect and cherish them.

The values and the strength they develop in these innocent years will form the foundation not only of their future but also that of the nation, too!

Children’s Day Activities

In India, we celebrate Children’s Day with the laughter of the children. Children go out with parents, play and get dirty, and have fun. Well, if it makes them happy, dirt is good and can be taken care of. Most schools and educational institutions willingly go out of their way to make the day special. Sometimes it is a funny play put up by the usually staid teachers for the benefit of the kids or a day out of their uniforms.

Various programs and activities for Children’s Day (which is also known as Bal Divas) are organised all across the country on this day. Whether it is competitions, events, or concerts, children do get all the attention on this day!

So for all of you who are blessed with these little angels, here are some ideas for you that will make the day really special for your darlings.

Be together:

Stay with your child on Children’s Day and make it a point to take him or her out somewhere. It could even be a walk together on the beach, as long as they see their parents taking the time out for them in the day to mark the significance of Bal Diwas. 

Movie time:

You can make a collection of your favourite childhood movies and go on a movie marathon with your little darling. Also, find your old story books and spend some time reading your favourite stories with your child.


Give your little one a surprise by doing up their room. Adorn the room in a festive way – balloons and streamers are easy ways to give the room a new, fun look. You could also leave a wall empty to engage in some hand printing and painting activity. It is fun and children love messing with colours. Let them get dirty – we can handle cleaning up effortlessly!

Have a theme:

Consider having a Children’s Day theme at home. Dress up and click some silly, simple and casual photographs – you can put up them up in your kid’s room. These will be memories of all the good times and of the days well spent.

Party time:

Arrange for a small Children’s Day party for your little darling. Call his or her friends over and get some juice, snacks, and lots of chocolates. Put on some fun music and let the kids have fun. You can join in, too!

For some more fun activities check out our Activities for Kids!

Make sure you let your kid remember to be a child on Children’s Day. Let them get messy, let them have fun. And because daag achhe hai, you too can share the wholehearted joy of living that only a child possesses.Happy Children’s Day!