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Handmade Birthday Gifts for Kids

It is great to celebrate birthdays, and they are even better if you celebrate with handmade gifts! Kids (and adults!) will love receiving personalised birthday gifts. In fact, the best birthday gifts are handmade ones that show your child has taken the time to prepare something unique for their friend or family member. Creating a handmade birthday present is also good for stimulating your child’s creativity and honing their fine motor skills – and it will also be lots of fun, too!

Here are a few simple, affordable handmade gift ideas for your child. You can make them with items you might already have at home. But don’t worry if things get messy – we here at Surf Excel also have lots of tips on how to remove ink and paint stains from clothes! Check out these great – and messy! – ideas for birthday gifts from Surf excel.

Gifts for Kids: The Best Handmade Gift Ideas

Customised T-Shirt

All you need for this exciting craft is a white T-shirt and some fabric pens or paints. Little kids will have fun using their hands and fingers to paint and create designs, while older children might like to draw a design on paper first before copying it on to the T-shirt later.

Handmade Jewellery

Make simple pasta necklaces or bracelets with toddlers (just thread pasta shapes onto string – you can paint the shapes first!). You can also help older children to thread buttons and beads onto coloured wool to make cool accessories for their friends. This is a great way to for your kids to really personalise a birthday gift!

Personalised Pen and Unique Notebook

Most people can find a standard pen and blank notebook at home, so why not have your child create a special set for their friend? To decorate the pen, be creative – why not glue strips of coloured paper, ribbons, pipe-cleaners, or embroidery threads around the length of the pen? To decorate the notebook, you can cover it with pretty coloured paper – or you can make a collage out of pictures from magazines or with your favourite comic strips. This is a great way to for your kids to really personalise a birthday gift!

A Decorative Pencil Holder or Storage Box

Use similar techniques as above to cover an old tin can (with all edges taped for safety) or empty cardboard box to use as a pencil holder, storage box, or plant pot. Fill with accessories before giving as a gift. You can check out another fun waste material craft here – it’s also a lot of fun to make!

Birthday Gift Ideas – Using Photos to Make Handmade Gifts

An Original Story Book

How many times does your child come home from school telling you tales about all the adventures they’ve had with their friends? Why not have your child illustrate a storybook featuring the birthday boy or girl? If you don’t have a notebook they can use, fold and staple or sew several pages of white paper together in a book shape.

Personalised Jigsaw

If you have any photos of your child with their friends, this is a great idea. Use your computer to enlarge a photo and print it out onto heavy cardstock. Get your child to cut it up into lots of wacky shapes and present to their friend in a tin with a small version of the photo to use as a guide.

Personalised Paper Dolls

This is a great activity to do if you have extra school photos! Get your child to stick a picture of their friend’s face on one of the many printable paper doll templates you can find on the Internet, or on a piece of card and get them draw a body and accompanying clothes.

Do you have any good ideas for handmade birthday gifts for kids? Let us know in the comments box below!