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Celebrate World Poetry Day with Great Poems for Kids

World Poetry Day is coming up on 21 March, so it’s time to start collecting some fun rhymes to recite with your kids. Having fun as you sing the words and make the actions is a great way to learn and bond at the same time!

Poetry is often seen as something that’s only for those interested in literature or the arts, but that’s not true – kids’ poems have a lot to offer everyone! Poems are not only good for entertainment, but they also are important from a developmental perspective as well.  

The Importance of Poetry for Kids

World Poetry Day is a wonderful opportunity to truly appreciate the importance of poetry with your little ones, but it’s also a great time to begin using poetry for kids as an educational activity as well. The singsong nature of poetry, along with the rhyming and repetition, can actually aid our children’s development. The verbal patterns that are formed can help our kids better understand the complex nature of speech, can improve memory function, and can even assist in learning different languages.

Some studies have even found that babies who listen to rhythmic poetry in the womb can recognise the same patterns after birth – that’s how influential poetry can be! Poetry is both fun and educational – the perfect combination for spending quality time with your child. So if you’re looking for some ways to celebrate World Poetry Day, here are some great poems for kids to get your started:  

Indian Poems for Kids on World Poetry Day

With World Poetry Day occurring so soon after the Holi celebrations, why not teach your kids a poem all about the festival of colours? You could combine kids’ poems with one of our fun Holi games or activities to help your little ones learn about this vibrant festival.  

Holi Hai Holi

Hai Hhai Holi hai, Bura Na Mano Holi Hai Aao Mil kar khushiyaan manein apnoon ko hum rang lagayein! Fooloon se hum khelein holi Bachat karein hum pani ki Sab mil kar jor se gayein Bura Na Mano Holi Hai Kisi ko na thes pahuchaein Naye naye pakwan khaein aur khilayein Khud bhi rang lagayein aur doosroon par abeer Toli bana kar gayein hum sab Bura na Mano Holi Hai  

Teach Language Skills with English Poems for Kids

Along with classic Indian poems, you may also wish to introduce your children to some English poems for kids. The rhyming patterns can make it much easier for your kids to get to grips with English, which can benefit them greatly – research suggests that bilingual children build relationships between meaning and sound much quicker than those who speak a single language.  

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

One, two, Buckle my shoe; Three, four, Knock at the door; Five, six. Pick up sticks; Seven, eight, Lay them straight; Nine, ten, A big fat hen   English kids’ poems like this are ideal for children who are just starting to get the hang of the English language, as the sing-song rhyming creates easy ways for them to remember the sequence of numbers and therefore how to count in English.  

Write Your Own Poems for World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day isn’t just about reciting poems, it’s about tapping into your creativity and inner talents and writing your own poetry, personal to you. This can be a fun activity to do with your kids – spending quality time together and learning at the same time. The beauty of writing your own poems is that there is practically no limitation on what you can, or can’t do, and your kids’ poems are sure to be very imaginative! Remember, poetry doesn’t have to rhyme.

There are many different forms of poetry – play around a bit and see what you and your kids can come up with. Take inspiration from your surroundings, your family, or your culture – there are endless possibilities!

If you and your family have started writing your own kids poems in celebration of World Poetry Day, we want to see them! Share your unique creations below, and see what other mums, dads, and kids have come up with so far.