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Whether it’s Indian Independence Day, Diwali or Halloween, there’s nothing like a celebration to bring your loved ones together. At Surf excel, we know how much fun these occasions are for kids – and what great learning opportunities they are. So whether you’re looking for Halloween ideas for kids or some Holi craft ideas, we’ve got plenty of kids party games and activities to inspire you. 

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What can we learn from celebrations?

Every celebration has its own history, and taking part is the best way for your little one to learn about different cultures – and their own, too! Whether you’re giving a history lesson through the medium of Indian Independence Day activities for kids or teaching them about different Christmas traditions around the world, there’s a lesson behind every celebration.

Celebrations bring people together, children and adults alike; taking part in a holiday activity together is a great way for people to bond across generations. Why not use our Onam games ideas to get the whole family trying something new, or some Christmas craft ideas for kids as an excuse to get them playing with friends or classmates? You’ll even find great ideas of kids party games to play during the celebrations.  

One of the best things about celebrations is that they happen throughout the year. From Holi craft activities that celebrate the Festival of Colour to Halloween ideas for kids and Christmas craft ideas for kids that help celebrate global events, there’ll be no end of inspiration for you and your family each month.