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Waste Material Craft for Kids: Monster Boxes

About to throw out your finished Surf excel Matic carton? Stop! You can use waste materials to have craft fun with your kids. This activity is all about reusing everyday objects to spark little imaginations and organise their rooms at the same time. Use your Surf excel Matic carton or any other box to create a storage holder in the shape of a monster. Remember to protect all surfaces and clothing when you’re doing this craft – things might very well get messy! Don’t worry about any pesky stains on your kids’ clothes, though – Surf excel can deal with that, and you can help your child have fun and organise their rooms at the same time.

What you will need for waste material monster boxes:

An empty cardboard box, like a Surf excel Matic carton White or coloured paper Scissors Tape White glue Crayons or felt pens Poster or acrylic paint

Optional extras:

* Pipe cleaners * Cotton wool balls * Empty egg cartons * String or yarn * Buttons or beads * Googly eyes * Felt material * Stickers * Glitter

Step 1 - Turn Waste Material into a Body

Make sure your cardboard box is clean and empty – this will be the body of your best from waste craft monster. Use the box’s features to decide where you want your monster’s face to be. An opening or a lid can serve as a mouth. Now, choose a colour for your monster, make up a paint and glue mixture, and cover the outside of the box, leaving the base paint-free. Leave to dry.

Step 2 - Design a Face for your Monster

Monsters are all about exaggerated features: big eyes, strange shaped noses or ears and long teeth or hair. Think about providing younger children with pre-drawn options – templates they can colour, cut out and stick on. There are no rules – let your child’s imagination run wild. Here are some ideas:

* Empty egg cartons make great bug-like eyes

* Pipe cleaners, string, or wool make wacky hair

* Cotton balls or pompoms make bulbous noses

* Create a textured complexion with stickers or buttons

Step 3 - Make Monster Hands & Feet

Do monsters have two or three toes, and do they wear shoes? Feet and hands make a funny addition to your monster box. Felt or cardboard cut outs can be glued to the base and the sides of your box. And what about a dapper bow-tie? Let your child decide.


When your monster box is complete, leave it to dry overnight. Now fill it with pencils, small toys, marbles, socks or anything else that usually ends up collecting under your child’s bed! It can be a useful way for your little one to organise his or her belongings.

Additional information

For more waste material craft examples, check out these winning entries for our Recycle the Box Contest! Do you have more ideas for waste material craft for kids? Share them in the comments below!