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T-Shirt Painting Ideas For Kids

Creating something useful is a very rewarding experience for everyone, and there is no reason why your children should not have the joy of making something for their family. This year, teach your children how to paint some t-shirts. These t-shirt painting ideas should help you get started.

T-shirt Painting Tips: Stamp Printing

A very simple way to decorate t-shirts and make them your own is to use stamps and fabric paint to create designs on them. To begin with, get some plain t-shirts for your kids to experiment on. Stamps can be bought at a store - wooden stamps with traditional designs on them are easily available in India. They come in a variety of sizes. Making stamps yourself is also very easy – they can be made with items that are readily available at home such as bubble wrap, tin containers of various shapes etc. Fruits and vegetables are also great for stamping. Lemons, lady's finger, and hearts of cabbage can also be used innovatively as stamps to create fun designs. Working with fabric paint when painting on t-shirts can be messy, but extremely enjoyable none the less. And for the stains, you have Surf excel.

Silhouette And Stencil Prints

Just like stamp printing, your kids can also try other fun t-shirt painting ideas such as silhouette printing or stencil printing on t-shirts. Silhouette printing can be done by placing objects on a t-shirt, such as shapes or letters cut out from cardboard, and then spattering fabric paint around them with the help of a toothbrush. This will result in unique patterns every time. Stencil printing is similar, except that it involves cutting out shapes, like the ones in stencils, and then filling in the shapes with colour. In other words, silhouette printing gives you a shape on cloth that is not coloured in, and, stencil printing results in shapes that are coloured in and surrounded by plain cloth.

T-shirt Painting Ideas for Kids: Sandpaper And Crayons

Even very young kids who cannot handle fabric paint and are still learning how to go about drawing with crayons and pencil colours can create some really nice t-shirts using this technique. Simply ask them to take a sheet of sandpaper and then draw on it with crayons. Place the sandpaper on a plain t-shirt, the coloured side in contact with the cloth, and use your iron to go over the paper a number of times. The crayon wax will melt and leave the design behind on the cloth, and, the sandpaper will give it a very nice texture. If your kids want to add some text to their art, teach them how to write letters like they appear in a mirror reflection, so that the words come out the right way when pressed onto the t-shirt.

Tie and Dye

Tie dying is probably one of the most fun T-shirt crafts to engage in with kids. One of the ways of t-shirt painting this way is by tying up a T-shirt with rubber bands and then asking you kids to dip each of the tied up sections into the colours of their choice. To start with it all you need are gloves, your favourite colours or dye in buckets/bowls and many rubber bands. You can get a number of patterns printed from striped to sunburst to freestyle. Dry t-shirts will create a more defined pattern, while wetting the fabric beforehand can leave you with a design that “flows”. So depending on the end result that you want, you can try this amazing and entertaining art-work experiment with your kids and see the colourful t-shirt brightening up beautifully.

More mess around the house only means more learning for kids! So, just sit back and enjoy all the creative, colourful t-shirts your kids create for themselves. Do not worry about any tough stains produced during t-shirt painting for kids activities, Surf excel can take care of them all.