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Paper Mache Crafts Flying Saucers

Fantastic Flying Saucers – Paper Plate Crafts


Paper mache crafts and other craft projects are not only fun for kids and great activities for you to do with them – they also help them develop their sensory perception, keeping their hands and minds occupied. Of course, no matter how fantastic the end product of craft projects (and the ‘flying saucers’ we’re about to make really are fantastic!), the real benefit here to your child’s development is in the process. Choosing materials, cutting them up and sticking them together helps kids to learn how different materials and objects feel and behave. And as they marvel at their flying paper plate crafts, you’ll notice effects in them that last much longer and are much more definite than a vision of a UFO!

What you will need:

Two paper plates (or more, depending how many children getting involved in the paper crafts!) Scissors Sticky tape Newspaper Flour/ atta – any sort you can get hold of, like wheat or rice. If you don’t want to make your own homemade glue, you can also just use a shop-bought runny glue. * Water * Medium-sized bowl * Paint * Paintbrush

How to make it

Step 1 - Prepare Your Paper Plate Craft

Draw and cut out a small circle in the centre of your two plates (this is to help your saucer fly). Turn one plate over and tape the two plates together around the edges.

Prepare Your Paper Plate Craft

Step 2 - Make Paper Mache

Tear strips of newspaper for the paper mache craft. Mix together some flour and water to make a thin glue, or pour your glue into your bowl.

Step 3 - Craft Flying Saucers

Dip your strips of newspaper into the glue mixture, and then completely cover your flying saucer. Make sure to wrap some of the strips through the centre hole you cut earlier to link the two plates together in the middle.

Craft Flying Saucers

Step 4 - Paint Your Paper Craft

Leave to dry. (You can add more layers if you want your flying saucer to be extra strong.) You are now ready to paint your flying saucer any way you like.


With paint involved, things could get messy. If paint finds its way onto clothes, wash it off immediately with cold water while the paint is still wet. With most types of paint, if you let it dry, the stain can’t be removed. As long as you rinse while it’s wet, there’s nothing to worry about. Leave the paint drying on your flying saucer while you rinse it out of your clothes with Surf excel Liquid!

Additional information

During the paper crafts, get your kids to touch each material they’re working with and talk about how it feels, what it looks like, and what they’re using it for. This will encourage their self-expression through language and keep them absorbed in the moment of making their flying saucer.

Not only do your kids now have a fantastic flying saucer to take out for a spin at the end, but they have learned how to work through a task, their sensory awareness has been enhanced, and they’ve had a chance to express themselves creatively.

If you have a go at making flying saucers, share your results here and let us know any tips or suggestions for similar paper crafts or kids’ projects. For more fun with paper mache crafts, check out the instructions for these animal piggy banks and for these fun paper masks for kids!