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Scrapbook Ideas for Kids

Scrapbooking is a popular hobby all around the world. It’s easy to do, there are unlimited options, and it’s a wonderful way to keep your treasured memories – such as family photographs, theatre tickets, leaflets, or posters – safe while still keeping them accessible. A scrapbook that you can look at regularly is much better than keeping everything piled in a box somewhere! Designing scrapbooks is just as fun as looking through them in years to come, and children will love to be a part of this. If you’re keen to encourage your kids to be creative, eager to get them involved in your hobbies, and looking forward to introducing them to new activities, then scrapbooking is an excellent option for you to try as a family.If you’re looking for inspiration, there are all kinds of examples of amazing, thoughtful scrapbooks you can find online. Dedicated scrapbookers often share their work and techniques – this blog by a professional scrapbook designer has some lovely ideas. Pinterest boards like this one are also a great place to start, as they show a range of styles to try! 


How to Make a Scrapbook for Kids

Most of us who are interested in arts and crafts know how to make a scrapbook, but what we don’t always know is how to make a scrapbook for, and with, our children. The rules are a little different to when we create a scrapbook by ourselves – we need to make sure this activity is fun, interesting and, most importantly, safe for our kids.

  • Offer Kid-Friendly Scrapbook Supplies

Scrapbook ideas for kids should be based on simplicity and ease, and this means offering the right sort of scrapbooking supplies to help them make the most of the activity. For instance, most kids won’t see the attraction of high quality  embroidered papers or embossed cards the same way that we do! They’re not bothered about using special supplies ­– they just want simple, easy to use products. Plain card, pens, glues, and glitters will do the job nicely. Remember, too, that supplies should be based on your child’s age and ability ­– young children, for example, should be kept away from sharp crafting supplies such as scissors and knives.

  • Make it Interesting

For children to be responsive to scrapbooking, a scrapbook for kids needs to play to their particular interests. If you’re making a photo scrapbook, include lots of pictures of your kids, and of family. If you are scrapbooking tickets and leaflets, use paperwork from events or holidays that your kids have experienced. You could even take new photographs to use. Your kids will love being in charge of a camera for a day, taking their own pictures and then scrapbooking them at a later date.

  • Keep it relaxed

Our childrens’ scrapbooking ideas may be a little different to our own, and it’s important to keep this in mind. Whereas we tend to like our scrapbooks to follow a certain pattern and look a certain way – to essentially be perfect – our kids don’t have the patience nor the inclination to spend time measuring borders and indents to make sure everything lines up. Just go with it. Don’t impose too many rules –keep the activity light, and keep it fun. By imposing rules, you’re making scrapbooking more like a chore than a fun hobby. As the Surf excel Kids Today Project revealed, it’s important that kids have the freedom to enjoy unstructured after school activities when they’re at home!As your kids get older, you can start to teach them some scrapbooking techniques that they may like to incorporate into their handiwork. The ultimate aim is for your kids to continue scrapbooking, creating long-lasting memories that can be passed down through the generations, showcasing what life is like right here, right now. Wouldn’t it have been nice if our own ancestors scrapbooked?Have you tried scrapbooking with your little ones? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know if you have any great ideas for making scrapbooks with kids.