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Drawing Ideas for Children: Inspiration from India

We live in an incredibly vibrant country, so there’s always something visual to inspire our children to draw. So, instead of rolling out the same old craft activities for your children to enjoy, why not use art in a fun way to teach them about their country, for example as an Independence Day activity! India is a country of diverse languages and cultures – and we therefore have rich artistic heritage and traditions. Here are a few of Surf Excel’s suggestions for drawing ideas that encourage pride in Indian art and design techniques. You can use a variety of products – like pencils, chalk, or paints – to make these drawings for children. You don’t have to worry about getting messy, either – Surf Excel is here to save the day and remove any tough stains from your kids’ clothes!


Miniature Drawings for Children

India is famous for its miniature paintings. They illuminate our sacred texts and epic stories; they are found on decorative objects and hang on walls across the country. But such fine painting is incredibly difficult to mimic; you might manage to produce similar images with colouring pencils instead. Look at the works of famous miniaturists together with your children and challenge them to produce pocket-sized art-works and greeting cards. How small can your child draw?!


Drawing Ideas with Chalk

Two widely different Indian artistic traditions lend themselves to chalk drawing ideas and learning activities for kids: Kolam designs and Warli paintings. Kolam (rangoli) designs are traditionally created with rice powder, chalk, or sand on the roads and pavements of southern India. The interconnected patterns contain many hidden meanings and can be incredibly complex. Can your child create a Kolam in the street without taking their hand off the ground? Warli paintings originate in the west of India and are monochrome, created in purely white, rice-based paint. The designs of Warli paintings feature rural themes created with basic shapes: circles, spirals, triangles, and squares. Can your child create a chalk drawing the same way? 


Drawing Mehndi Designs

Mehndi (henna) is such an integral part of Indian rituals and festivals that we often forget it requires artistic skill. These days it’s easy enough to buy plastic hand and foot mehndi templates – and using these to make rubbings with wax crayons is a fun activity in itself – but have you ever thought of making up your own designs? Get your child to draw around their hand or foot on a piece of plain paper and encourage them to fill in the blank space with their own designs using pencils, crayons, or paints. For even more fun, take your child’s design to a traditional mehndi artist and ask to have their hand or foot decorated the same way.