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Paper Mask Making for Kids

No dress up box would be complete without a mask or two. Kids love playing make-believe, and masks are the easiest way to get into character. Creating masks for kids can also be a fun craft activity that you can share with your child, whatever their age. It can also be a great part of your child’s Halloween costume!

How to Make a Basic Paper Mask

2D paper masks are so easy to make, and even young children enjoy decorating them. They can be simple or detailed, and there’s a mask theme for everyone – be it jungle animal, masquerade ball, or a favourite cartoon character.

What you will need:

* Stiff paper or card * Paints or felt pens * Scissors * A hole punch * 2 lengths of string approx 10 cm long.


How to make it:

Step 1 - Preparing Masks for Kids

Draw a freehand image large enough to cover your child’s face or download a template from the internet.

Step 2 - Get Messy with Paint

Colour, paint or decorate the image. Remember to leave blank areas for eyes.

Step 3 - Finish Your Paper Mask

Cut out the image and eye-holes. Then punch two holes on each side of the mask at ear-level. Thread and knot a separate length of string through the holes on either side of the mask to complete

How to Make a Mask From Paper Mache

3D paper masks are a little trickier and an activity better suited to older children. Paper mache can also create a big sticky mess, so make sure to cover surfaces and clothing first! If you do get messy, then remember that you can use Surf excel to get out any tough stains.

What you will need:

A measuring tape * Stiff paper or card * A stapler * A bowl * Watered down white glue * A paint brush * Newspaper torn into strips approximately 3-5cm wide * A craft knife


How to make it

Step 1 - Mask-Making Preparations

Measure the circumference of your child’s face and add 5cm.

Step 2 - Create the Structure for Your Mask

Cut a 3 cms wide strip of stiff paper or card to the above length and staple the ends together in a loop. Create a frame structure by stapling a number of 3cm wide strips across the loop.

Step 3 - Decorate Your Mask for Kids

Now insert shaped objects to give features to the mask. Then add a final layer of paper. Let dry. Paint and decorate however you want.

Step 4 - Make Your Paper Mache Mask Ready to Wear

If you want your child to wear the mask, use a craft knife to pierce eye-holes. Be careful, paper mache can be very tough once it’s dried. Ribbon or wool ties can be stapled to either side. Always make sure the backs of the staples are covered on the inside to protect your child’s face.

Additional information

Have you done this activity? Share your feedback and ideas for paper masks for kids with us in the comment box below! For more paper mache craft ideas, check out these flying saucers and animal piggy banks!