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Painting Competition for Kids from Surf excel: Is Your Child A Little Da Vinci?

The creative talent in kids is infinite and amazing, so much so that even the entire universe may seem like a small canvas to them. The more you encourage your little ones to explore their creativity, the more pleasantly surprised you will be. Just leave your kid with a blank sheet of paper and some colours –you will get to witness your little Da Vinci come alive. The art on the paper (which may resemble something that we grown-ups could call a ‘scribble’) is likely not even a fraction of the skills which your kid possesses. Read on for more information about the benefits of painting for kids, and find out about Surf excel’s latest painting competition for kids!


Benefits of Painting for Kids

Creative activities like painting help in the development of the brain. The right side of the brain is used for emotional and creative responses, while the left side of the brain focuses on analytical processes and logic. Painting stimulates both sides of the brain and thus makes kids reach their full potential. It boosts creativity and makes them more imaginative. The more they play with colours on paper, the more they can experience the beauty of art and creativity. Expressing themselves through painting allows kids to take part in an activity that is fun and fulfilling. It encourages them to look at situations with an open & creative mind.Kids apply the lessons learned through painting to various situations in life. Their critical reasoning skills also develop better as they learn, on their own, to make decisions on what works and what doesn’t.


Why Paint?

Painting has many benefits, and it is both constructive and enjoyable. It is so much fun for kids just to splash paints on a paper or canvas, mess around with their hands full of colours and paint in zigzag strokes on paper. Also, when their artwork is appreciated, it boosts their confidence. And since art does not have any rules and regulations, it’s easy for kids to cherish the joy of making something which is uniquely theirs.Painting also encourages kids to interact. At art classes, they need to work with other kids and adults. The communication which takes place in the process also plays a role in the development of their social skills. The more your kids interact with other kids of their age, the more their interpersonal skills will improve. Also, if you encourage them to participate in contests and competitions, it will be an effective way of introducing them to their peers and their skills – another great benefit.The best way to indulge them is to ask them to paint something for their room and then help them decorate their room with their own masterpieces. Participating in painting competitions enhances learning and improves performance when feedback is taken positively. It keeps your kid’s mind active and helps them learn to take criticism positively, thus making them capable of dealing with challenges in real life. 


Another Benefit of Painting – As A Therapy

Kids nowadays spend a lot of time watching TV. While creative activities like painting can direct their energy into something constructive, they can also act as a therapy, helping kids relax and de-stress. The feeling of accomplishment can help convert their negative emotions to positive ones. If you encourage them to take part in painting contests, you will have taken a step towards their holistic development. So, help your children realise their true potential and encourage them to embrace all challenges in life positively. 


Painting Competitions for Kids

Now, let your kid have some fun with our Little Da Vinci contest on Facebook. Click here to participate in our painting competition for kids! You just need to upload a photograph of your child’s artwork, and then you will stand a chance to win some awesome gift hampers! See your own little Da Vinci excel with flying colours. While painting it is likely that kids will create a mess around the house, but even then you should still encourage their creativity. After all, learning is a messy business!