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Let’s Make Summer Fun! 5 Summer Vacation Ideas with Kids

Summer vacation for kids is generally the time of the year they look forward to the most. But at the same time, the long duration of the holiday could end up becoming boring for your child. It is important to keep your child’s mind stimulated by engaging him/her in various activities. These summer vacation activities for kids may even help your children find a hobby that they can enjoy throughout their lives. You’ll need to have a wide range of entertaining pastimes and summer vacation ideas in your kitty to keep your little darling engaged. Along with regular activities like painting, singing or swimming, try these innovative ones.Yes, they will get dirty and messy with all the colour, mud, and clay. But when were dirty clothes ever a problem? Surf excel is always here to help you with stains! So, let’s make summer vacation a season of fun and learning.


5 Great Summer Vacation Ideas With Kids


1. Clay Work

Most children love getting messy. What better way to allow your child to get their hands dirty than by letting your child play with clay. You can either enrol your child in a clay workshop or class, or just create clay models with him/her and spend some quality time together at home. You can get some moulding clay and a potter’s wheel if you do wish to enjoy this summer vacation activity with your child. Don’t fret about the dirt and mud on the clothes. A little mess is good if your little one is learning something new, isn’t it? And for all the stubborn stains, Surf excel is the answer! 


2. Summer Vacation Puppetry Shows

Playing with puppets can be one of the most fun and creative summer vacation activities for kids. Puppetry may not be as popular an art as it used to be, but it is highly creative. You can get puppet making ideas from the internet, and use old pieces of cloth to make puppets. If nothing else, you can even use old socks by painting faces on them. Having created your puppets, you can help your child develop a story and create an act. Then you can even encourage your child to have their own puppet show at family gatherings.



3. Try a Summer Vacation Knitting Project

Knitting can be a tricky hobby, and younger children may need a little help – but it enhances motor skill, concentration and patience. You can get your child started off with simple knitting kits and techniques. A scarf is a great beginners’ summer vacation project, as it is the most basic article of clothing that your child can knit. You can start teaching your child a number of knitting techniques as they progress. By taking the learning process slow, you can help your child knit and be proud of what they have created.Summer vacation activities for kids


4. Healthy Foods Fuel Summer Vacation Activities for Kids!

Cooking is a life skill most people need to learn today. Microwave meals may be simple but they are not the most sustainable choice for food. So learning how to cook healthy meals can be a good idea. Teaching your kid the techniques of cooking healthy food will make them aware as well as independent. You can find a large number of kid-friendly recipes online as well as on cooking shows. Here’s a simple way to teach your kids how to bake a cake. Obviously, keep the kids away from the flame and sharp objects. Basic dishes like salads can be prepared by your child. Let them add spices or do the garnishing. This can be a good way of helping your child learn life skills. And for all the milk, egg, macula, and batter stains, Surf excel will take care of them in no time! 


5. Paper Mache

Trying artistic summer vacation ideas with kids is a great way to introduce them to craft techniques they can enjoy all year round. An easy one you can enjoy with your child is working with paper mache. You can use paper, glue, colours, and glitter. Although it can be messy, paper mache can help develop your child’s creativity, and teach them how to recycle waste. There are many ideas and designs that you can find online. You can even find summer vacation workshops where your child can learn more about this activity. Stains are nothing to fear when Surf excel is here! Let children explore their creative side ­­– don’t let your child sit idle during the summer vacation! Playing video games, surfing the internet and watching television can be fun for your child, but these activities do not necessarily boost his/her creativity. Try finding new summer vacation ideas with kids to keep them engaged and happy.