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Sketching Ideas For Kids Using Pencils

To learn sketching from a young age is great for a child’s development. The famous painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso had once said that every child is an artist but the problem is that they often fail to retain the interest and enthusiasm when they grow up.

Drawing or sketching helps children choose pieces of information that they consider interesting. It helps them develop their choices. Sketching can also be used as a way to access memories.For kids, sketching is a way of telling a story or describing things.

The most important factor about learning how to sketch is to see. Thus, every drawing a child makes is a record of what he/she sees and feels. The art form also helps them learn various shapes, eye-hand coordination, and, improve concentration and planning skills. So let them experiment with these fun sketching ideas for kids.

How to Learn to Sketch: Drawing Using Different Shapes

This can be a good way of introducing your children to different shapes. The three basic lines and shapes that make up any basic drawing are circle, triangle, square or rectangle. Look around the room for circles like door knobs, light fixtures or fruits, and ask your child you draw them. You can also ask them to sketch something square like photo frames, windows, doors or boxes. Pick up any simple shapes and show it to your child asking him to sketch it. They can also draw animals and figures using lines and shapes.

Fun Sketching Activities for Kids

Here are some fun-filled sketching activities which your children will love.

Draw Around Shapes

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colours

For this activity, all you need to do is cut out various shapes on the sheets of paper and ask your child to draw around the shape. Their creativity can surprise you.

Sketch To Music

Play your child’s favourite songs or rhymes and ask them to draw along with it. Music is food for the soul – it will help your child focus as well. This exercise will also help your child use multiple sensory organs at once and most importantly, they will have fun. Play different types of songs and let them draw whatever comes to their mind while listening to them.

Joining The Dots

The ultimate motive of this sketching idea is to draw something by joining random dots. You will need:

  • Big sheets of paper
  • Pencils
  • This activity needs two players.

How to Play:

  • To start the game, plot some random dots on a sheet of paper; it should not follow any pattern. Start with three or four.
  • Then ask player 1 to draw a line between two of the dots, and then draw a new dot somewhere along the line. The line can be of any shape.
  • It’s player 2’s turn next.
  • The one who manages to draw a proper object first wins the game!

Rules: A drawn line doesn't have to join two different points; it can connect the same point from different sides. Once a dot has three lines coming through, it can't be used any more. A line cannot cross any other line already on the page.

Contour Drawing

As the word contour means outline, this type of sketching for kids begins with drawing the outlines of an object you give your child to sketch. For example, you put a vase with flowers in front of your child and ask him to sketch it. Ask him to begin by drawing the outside shape of the vase and flowers.

This is a great way to train the eyes to see shapes and lines in objects.Kids love doodling and making random sketches. But we elders often ignore them as waste of time and energy. Allow your child the time and space to explore and enjoy the things he wants & loves to do through learning how to sketch.

For kids, mess is a certain part of exploring, but it also a way of learning! Let your kids learn while getting messy. It will help your child make better choices in life!