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Handmade Gifts for Friends to Celebrate the Bond of Friendship

Kids share some of the most beautiful moments of their life with friends. Friends are always around to share happiness, to make us feel better when we are sad, and to have fun together! So, how about your kids make their partners in fun – their friends – feel on top of the world? Here are a few gift ideas for friends to get your kids started.

5 Great Handmade Gifts for Friends

DIY friendship bracelets make great handmade gifts for kids!

If you like to teach your kiddo and also learn new crafts, you can make some lovely friendship bracelets with something as simple as buttons. Ask your kiddo to gather buttons of different colours, shapes and sizes, and, hemp threads. Then, help them tie a knot, string hemp through button holes, and knot again – that’s how simply they can make some beautiful bracelets! With bright colours and cute buttons, these are lovely homemade gifts for kids’ friends! 

A picture is worth a thousand words

If your kiddos are feeling artistic, you can help them put the love they have for their pals to paper – it’s a great, easy way for kids to make personalised homemade gifts for friends or family. Ask them to think of the last time they had a great time together. Or, they can recall the happiest memory they have of being with their friend. Encourage them to use their imagination, and paint a picture that will show their friend how much they treasure the friendship.

You can use different techniques and mediums for making a picture. Some things to try with kids are collage, spray painting, filling an outline of objects with words that are related to them and their friend, etc. Working with paints can get their clothes dirty, so make sure you have some Surf excel handy to clean up afterwards. 

Try making simple greeting cards to go with gifts for friends

Greeting cards are very simple, but they can speak volumes. The most wonderful thing about creating greeting cards as handmade gifts for friends is that there are innumerable ways to do it. Your kiddo can make a card by sticking dried flowers and leaves on to paper, or by using a leaf as a stencil and spraying paint around it.

You can try some quilling, and create beautiful shapes using paper strips to decorate a card. Pop-up cards are easy to make, and a joy to receive. Adding a few heartfelt words inside the card will only make it more special for your kiddo’s friend. 

Easy baked gifts for kids’ friends

All kids love to eat sweet things, and your kid’s friends are probably no exception! While buying sweets from the market can work, it is so much more special to bake something yourself. Help your kiddo bake some simple cookies for his/her friends. You can add a variety of flavours and even colours. Here is a simple biscuit recipe you can follow to bake some yummy munchies with your kiddo. Baking can be messy, but with Surf excel, troublesome stains are a thing of the past! 

Crafty handmade gifts for friends, to brighten up their day

Everyone, both children and adults alike, loves receiving gifts. Gifts that are unique are the best, and there can be no better way to ensure that a gift is one-of-a-kind than by making it yourself. Some things you can help your children make to surprise their friends are bookmarks, snow or glitter globes, picture frames, paper weights made out of painted pebbles etc. Let them be creative, and think of what their friends would love.

Encourage your kids to celebrate the bond of friendship as they bloom with their pals. After all, “A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand…and touches your heart.” – Unknown.