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Collage Making for Kids Using Old Newspapers and Magazines

Let’s face it; most of us don’t keep a big stash of kid’s activity books at home, or a craft cupboard bursting open with art supplies. So when the kids get bored, our imaginations become our greatest asset, since everyday materials are all we have to hand to get creative! But the simplest craft activities are often the most enjoyable, and rarely cost anything – for example, one of the best craft projects you can do with your child is to make a collage. Collages are a simple and cheap way to make beautiful pieces of art, using small pieces of paper and glue to create a design. Even toddlers, if supervised, can make a collage. The older your child, the more elaborate their collages can become. Collage can even be used to decorate objects and furniture too; this is usually called ‘decoupage’ – a number of Pinterest boards have some great examples.