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Clay Craft for Kids & Creativity

There is absolutely no doubt that children love art and craft and as they start developing their senses, playing and working with clay becomes one of their favourites. Not only do kids’ clay crafts allow children to make beautiful things, but by introducing and encouraging your child to learn clay work you might also give them a hobby they will enjoy for a lifetime. Here is all you need to know about clay craft for kids. 


Open the doorway to creativity with fun clay crafts for kids

You may have often heard your kid’s doctor recommending clay modelling as one of the best activities for kids. One obvious benefit of clay craft for kids is the opportunity for artistic expression that it provides. What makes clay unique is how forgiving it is. Many children feel free with experimenting and expressing themselves with clay because if a child makes a mistake when creating clay art, they can easily start over again with the same bit of material. Clay craft making also helps children develop motor skills. They learn all the while as they work with clay – they learn about shape, size, perspective and planes, as unlike most other crafts for kids, working with clay involves working in three dimensions. It is true that clay will get clothes messy, but with Surf excel at hand, you can say bye to those stains in no time. 


Supplies needed for clay craft making

To get your child started with clay craft is very easy. Play-dough is recommended for very young children, who are still learning about basic shapes. As children grow up, they can experiment with clay that is better for sculpting. Oil-based clays can be fun to use for kids, but they do stain everything they get on, and do not have a permanent quality. Water-based clay, which is the clay that potters use, is fit for home use, only if you are willing to deal with mud stains all over the place! Perhaps the best kind of clay that kids can use at home is polymer clay. It is sold in many colours, is non-toxic, and children can make many beautiful, durable things with it. 


Techniques to use when working on kids’ clay crafts

Children are naturally inquisitive and innovative, and working with clay will let them explore their creative side. There are many techniques that they will probably learn all on their own, but here are a few you can show them when they begin clay-work. An intricate shape can be transferred to clay simply by pressing it into the clay surface. This can add a nice decorative touch to things made with clay. Next, using simple items found around the home, make makes to add details to a project. Already existing objects, such as bowls, small spoons or blow-up balloons can be used to give shape to clay. 


Clay craft ideas for kids

There really is no limit to the number of things a child can create through clay craft. To start off with, you can help your kiddo make small items like buttons, pendants, charms, keychains etc. These also make very nice handmade gifts that your kids can give to their friends. Miniature dolls and things to keep in a dollhouse can also be very easily made with clay. To add on, that can be an interesting, continuing project for your kid to work on. Making clay models of animals can also appeal to a lot of kids. After some experience and with a little help from you, children can even make useful household items like bowls, trays, cups, pen-stands etc. However, that might take some time and practice. Making things out of clay can be a very rewarding experience for a child. Although it is a messy activity, what’s the fun in learning if you don’t get to experiment, isn’t it moms?! More so, when you have Surf excel, stains are not a problem at all. Let your kids learn and create, the messy way!