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5 Interesting Painting Ideas for Kids

Children enjoy painting, and like any other art and craft activities, it enables them to express themselves and their emotions. Painting can be made more enjoyable for kids by introducing them to new mediums and methods. Here are some creative painting ideas for kids that can be learnt fast and are fun too.


1. Painting Techniques for Kids: Home-Made Stamps

Though stamps can be bought from the market and used to create beautiful art, it is better to use items lying around at home and create stamps from scratch. There are many things in the refrigerator that can be used for this activity. For example, corn cobs can be dipped into paint and rolled on paper to create colourful images. Vegetables such as lady's finger or bell peppers can be cut up (be careful with sharp objects around kids), de-seeded and used as stamps to create beautiful art. Other household items that can be used as stamps for painting are rubber bands, paper clips, safety pins etc. You can also help your child carve out potatoes cut in halves and use them as stamps.


2. Fun & Messy Painting Activities for Kids: Fingerprinting

Fingerprints can be used to make some very creative and novel art. Your children can dip their fingers in paint (the paint should not be too runny) and then create impressions on paper. Using different colours and then drawing over the finger marks with a black pen will let them create many interesting things. Chances are high that they would wipe their hands on their clothes while they are at their creative best. But thanks to Surf excel, you can deal with such paint stains easily.


3. Kids Painting Ideas: Use Leaves To Create Stunning Art

Encourage your children to collect leaves and create art with them. A good idea is spray painting. Ask your kids to lay leaves of different kinds on a sheet of paper, and then use a toothbrush dipped in paint to spray colour all over the sheet. You can also dip leaves in different colours of paint and use them to leave impressions on the paper. This kind of painting technique for kids is enjoyable and educational, and obviously messy. But you need not worry, Surf excel hai na.


4. Experiment with Salt Painting

Creating raised salt paintings can be a fun art idea for your children. This kind of painting idea for kids involves pouring glue on a sheet of paper, and then sprinkling a lot of salt on top. Then, the extra salt can be shaken off. Watercolour of different shades is then poured on the salt, and it is really fascinating for kids to see the colour spread along the salt lines. Salt can also be used to create interesting textures in ordinary watercolour paintings.


5. Painting Ideas for Clay Pots

Painting clay pots can be a very easy and interesting activity for your kids. Give them clean, washed and dried earthen pots and then leave your kids with paints to explore their own designs. The only thing you need to ensure is that each layer dries before they paint the next. Also, you can help them use sponges for some beautiful paint-effects. A little craft work by sticking some bits of papers can also add to the texture. While your kids will enjoy mingling with their creative talent your garden too will bloom with their beauty touch.

Using these painting ideas, your kids can make handmade greeting cards, wrapping paper, or just something to brighten up your home.

Every time they create mess, they learn. Encourage your kids and watch them evolve. If you have more painting ideas for kids, do share it with us.